Curadoet is an initiative where volunteers can help a foundation out with practical help. SKOR Kòrsou needs a hand fixing the office where the board meets and also SKOR Kòrsou needs volunteers to help making a temporary park ready in Nieuw Nederland


Iconic Seru Papaya Stairs

Another ‘Colorful Steps’ for Seru Papaya is realised by the artists Avantia Damberg and Alena Davidovich in 2023.


Book of contemporary art in public space and database

SKOR Korsou would like to publish a book with the latest art in public space all over the island. SKOR Korsou would like to place a database of all the art in public space with free acces on this website.


Design Week Curacao

Art and Design event of Curacao design Planned for november


Poetry Park

More poetry combined with art in public spaces. On murals of a neighborhood (p.e. Suffisant) or in a park space


Street furniture: bus shelters

Bus shelters for Banda Abou in cooperation with ABC-Busbedrijf: each artist designs a bus shelter and not only are people waiting in an art work, they are also sitting comfortably in the shade, awaiting the bus.


Hidden Heroes II

A second project of mural portraits with the hidden heroes behind our sport heroes. The first Hidden Heroes is in Punda, Hanchi Angel Job


Art in Nature

SKOR Kòrsou believes in collaboration and synergy. Other foundations have their expertise that they would love to share and when it comes to environmental organizations our goals merge at having a cleaner and greener island. Working together is to unite forces and together create a beautiful island we can all be proud of. Two projects under this umbrella are currently ongoing