SKOR Kòrsou stands for Stichting Kunst in de Openbare Ruimte Kòrsou, an abbreviation in the Dutch language for Foundation Art in Public Spaces Kòrsou. The word 'skor' in Papiamentu also means to score.  The name of Curaçao in Papiamentu is Kòrsou.  To have Curaçao score with art in public spaces: SKOR Kòrsou.

Our Vision
Our vision is to activate public locations through site-specific installations, performances, murals and sculptures by local and international artists with an art committee, advisors, curators or by commissioning artists from the foundation itself, raising funds to finance the commissioned assignments, and to establish a sculpture park.

Our Mission
The purpose of the foundation is:
a. to promote local and international contemporary art in the public space, to produce space that activates public locations via site-specific installations, performance, murals and sculptures by local and international artists;
b. to create art that fully responds to and out of the circumstances of the Curaçao nature, the environment and the Curaçao community;
c. to co-support in the fight against pollution in the public spaces through the activities referred to in point a.;
d. to promote the Curaçao identity and nation-building, about shared artistic, cultural, historical and social issues through cultural exchanges and educational programs;
e. to provide an accessible platform for artists locally and from all over the world to explore ecological, cultural, spiritual and other existential tackling themes in the form of art in public space.

The Face of SKOR Kòrsou

Avantia Damberg is the founder and director of SKOR Kòrsou

To grow as an artist (and by growing also collaborating with other artists) her next step was to begin this foundation with the intention to do more installational works in public space, also collaborating with others. This is her next direction to professionalise herself as an artist, but also to contribute to the nation with art in public space and conserving nature with that. Avantia is the face of SKOR Kòrsou and works closely with the board.