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SKOR Kòrsou stands for Stichting Kunst in de Openbare Ruimte Kòrsou, an abbreviation in the Dutch language for Foundation Art in Public Spaces Kòrsou. The word 'skor' in Papiamentu also means to score.  The name of Curaçao in Papiamentu is Kòrsou.  To have Curaçao score with art in public spaces: SKOR Kòrsou.

Our Vision
Our vision is to activate public locations through site-specific installations, performances, murals and sculptures by local and international artists with an art committee, advisors, curators or by commissioning artists from the foundation itself, raising funds to finance the commissioned assignments, and to establish a sculpture park.

Our Mission
The purpose of the foundation is:
a. to promote local and international contemporary art in the public space, to produce space that activates public locations via site-specific installations, performance, murals and sculptures by local and international artists;
b. to create art that fully responds to and out of the circumstances of the Curaçao nature, the environment and the Curaçao community;
c. to co-support in the fight against pollution in the public spaces through the activities referred to in point a.;
d. to promote the Curaçao identity and nation-building, about shared artistic, cultural, historical and social issues through cultural exchanges and educational programs;
e. to provide an accessible platform for artists locally and from all over the world to explore ecological, cultural, spiritual and other existential tackling themes in the form of art in public space.

Avantia Damberg

Founder and president

Avantia Damberg is board member, the founder of SKOR Kòrsou and a visual artist.

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Maria Bon


Maria Bon is a passionate legal counselor, capoeirista and art enthousiast.

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José Mendes


José Mendes is the Treasurer of our team. In this role, he is responsible for managing the financial activities and resources of the team.

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Sarah Numan


Sarah Numan is responsible for managing administrative tasks and providing support to the team. She knows all the ins and outs of foundations in general in Curacao.

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✝ Pacheco Domacassé

Culture expert

Giovanni Alders


Dimitri Cloose

Director N.A.A.M

Jennifer Smit

Art Historian

Anko van der Woude


Josee Thissen-Rojer

Writer and Art historian

Lusette Verboom-Fairbairn

Art gallery owner

Bert Kienjet

Graphic artist in the Netherlands

Yubi Kirindongo

Visual artist

Hortence Brouwn

Sculptor artist



Curadoet is an initiative where volunteers can help a foundation out with practical help. SKOR Kòrsou needs a hand fixing the office where the board meets and also SKOR Kòrsou needs volunteers to help making a temporary park ready in Nieuw Nederland


Iconic Seru Fortuna Stairs

Another ‘Colorful Steps’ for Seru Fortuna is scheduled for this year by the artists Avantia Damberg and Alena Davidovich


Book of contemporary art in public space and database

SKOR Korsou would like to publish a book with the latest art in public space all over the island. SKOR Korsou would like to place a database of all the art in public space with free acces on this website.


Design Week Curacao

Art and Design event of Curacao design Planned for november


Poetry Park

More poetry combined with art in public spaces. On murals of a neighborhood (p.e. Suffisant) or in a park space


Street furniture: bus shelters

Bus shelters for Banda Abou in cooperation with ABC-Busbedrijf: each artist designs a bus shelter and not only are people waiting in an art work, they are also sitting comfortably in the shade, awaiting the bus.


Hidden Heroes II

A second project of mural portraits with the hidden heroes behind our sport heroes. The first Hidden Heroes is in Punda, Hanchi Angel Job


Art in Nature

SKOR Kòrsou believes in collaboration and synergy. Other foundations have their expertise that they would love to share and when it comes to environmental organizations our goals merge at having a cleaner and greener island. Working together is to unite forces and together create a beautiful island we can all be proud of.

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It's Official!

It's Official!


On June 18, 2021 the foundation SKOR Kòrsou came into life. Notary Victoria made it official with the board: Josee Thissen-Rojer as president, Nifa Ansano as secretary and Sarah Numan as treasurer. For Avantia Damberg a milestone in her career as an artist, and the step to exciting endeavours in the arts!

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New space to work and for board meetings

New space to work and for board meetings


Plantation house Brakkeput Ariba becomes the studio of artist Avantia Damberg The Johannes Bosco Foundation and artist Avantia Damberg have joined forces. The plantation house Brakkeput Ariba, owned by the foundation, will in any case serve as a studio space for the artist who is known for wall paintings, stamp designs and the 'Colourful Steps' in Otrobanda, in the coming year. "I live not far from the mansion, stroll around that area frequently and have been in love with it for years," said Damberg. "The estate and manor are actually called 'Nooitgedacht' meaning Never Thought, and that is exactly how I feel: always hoped but never thought that I would be able to make it my studio." According to David Serphos, interim director of the Johannes Bosco Foundation, the country house has been in disuse for years since the Maris Stella SBO moved in 2012. Many students were taught on the estate in hospitality, tourism and grooming. The outbuildings were later demolished, but the main building remained. The Jan Ruimers LTS was previously located on the same site, named after one of the 'Broeders van Brakkeput' (officially: the Crusaders of Sint Jan company) who worked on the education of young people at Brakkeput Ariba since 1937. David Serphos: "We are pleased that we can once again give the plantation house a suitable destination for the coming period. Love for the location and respect for the history of that special place go hand in hand with Avantia."

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Noses pointing in the same direction

Noses pointing in the same direction


Stichting Uniek Curacao and Stichting Kunst in de Openbare Ruimte Kòrsou are two foundations that will do much projects together as their vision and mission align when it comes to sustaining Curacao's nature. Stichting Uniek Curacao for already 30 years has turned nature spots on the island into the gems they once used to be. They develop parks and parks need art works, this makes the public use the area differently. This is where we enter a long lasting partnership.

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SKOR Kòrsou and CURADOET 20 of MAY 2022

SKOR Kòrsou and CURADOET 20 of MAY 2022


You can sign up as a volunteer at CURADOET to give a hand helping a foundation. SKOR Kòrsou can also use a hand. If you love gardening and/or are handy with concrete and building pedestals you are at the right address with us. More info in Papiamentu about the event SKOR Kòrsou does with CURADOET: Ta bin un parke temporal pa tur habitante di Nieuw Nederland i Zeewijk. E parke ta enserá un jardin, mesa pa sinta i bini huntu anto skulpturanan di arte. E lo ta na banda di laman. Hende ku ta kore jog, famia ku nan yunan, hende ku nan kacho, tur hende por kai sinta einan un ratu, topa, lesa un buki, hasi yoga, picknick etc. Nos mester di boluntario pa limpia e tereno, hasi un poko landscaping, harma mesa, i traha pedestal pa e skulpturanan. SKOR Kòrsou ta un organisashon pa ku arte pueblo di Kòrsou por disfruta mas di espacio pùbliko.

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Passing of advisor Pacheco Domacassé

Passing of advisor Pacheco Domacassé


Today Curaçao took leave of a great man of this country: Pacheco Domacassé. His passing came sudden to us on March 22. He was a former director of Kas di Kultura, writer, teacher, actor, author, singer-guitarist and director, loving husband, father and grandpa. Pacheco has written and directed for theatre, film and television. He was also in foundations such as Fundashon Nos Kousa. and he was advisor of SKOR Kòrsou. Founder of SKOR Kòrsou Avantia Damberg had a growing friendship with him since she designed the stamps themed Bandera di Kòrsou 35 years, the Curaçao flag, as he was the head of the committee of making of the Curaçao flag. She also gained much information and help from mr Domacassé for the art project April Murders. He will be dearly missed but we are so grateful for all he attributed to the emancipation of Curaçao.

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This years CURADOET was another fun event: gardening and prepping the walls of Landhuis Brakkeput Ariba atelier. This building is used by the artist, founder of SKOR Kòrsou but is also a social meeting place for the board. In no time volunteers signed up for this CURADOET event. Avantia Damberg cooked outside with the wood that was collected from the gardening. It was as they say in Dutch 'gezellig' with a family vibe. Parents with kids, friends and even students came to do what they like to do and it ended with a delicious lunch.

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New future partner: Local Happinez

New future partner: Local Happinez


There are lots of people that are willing to help, and there are lots of Non-profits like SKOR Kòrsou that could use a hand. Local Happinez connects the two by creating an app for the latter one, so those willing to help can find them. They're building a social market place, where locals and fellows from around the world share local happines! The founders of Local Happinez came to Curacao to pay us a visit at Landhuis Brakkeput Ariba atelier. They were truly happy to meet us. We will work together as soon as the app is ready. For more info pleace check out their website.

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project Seru Papaya (Fortuna) Stairs  started!

project Seru Papaya (Fortuna) Stairs started!


The Seru Papaya stairs project kicked off already 2 weeks ago. Artist Lena Davidovich came from Amsterdam to work on this project together with Avantia Damberg. To involve the teens from Seru Papaya, they could be part of the design of the stairs by means of stencil-art. In the workshop of 4 days they learned how to look for icon imagery of their own neighborhood, how to cut out a stencil and spray it on a wall, a t-shirt, anything. They also learned to make flyers, logo's etc in a the online app Canva. Damberg and Davidovich connected with Ministry of Culture and Education, partnering up. Also with the Ministry of Traffic and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Economic Development. All these ministries have actually already policies to implement. This Seru Papaya project fits right in! The next part is the beautifying of the stairs and the workshop of making Trash Catchers for along the road. Stay tuned for more or follow the social media of SKOR Kòrsou. credit photo: One of the teens from Seru Papaya

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project Seru Papaya (Fortuna) Stairs  realized

project Seru Papaya (Fortuna) Stairs realized


Artist Lena Davidovich and Avantia Damberg finalized the stairs in combination of giving workshops to the teenagers of Seru Papaya. The neighbors are very happy and proud of the stairs and regularly keep the artist updated of how they enjoy the stairs. The next part is the workshop of making Trash Catchers for along the road. Stay tuned for more or follow the social media of SKOR Kòrsou.

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SKOR Kòrsou is all about collaboration with other foundations, organizations and companies. Together we lift up Curaçao with art initiatives.
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